WATCH: Shaggy Recalls His Daughter Snubbing Prince Harry

27 July 2020, 07:41

The 'Banana' singer spoke about how his five-year-old daughter was disappointed to have met Prince Harry.

There's only two Harrys in my life; Prince Harry and Harry Styles, and according to Shaggy, it's obvious which one his daughter would have rather met.

Speaking to Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp, the 'It Wasn't Me' singer said that his then-five-year-old daughter snubbed Prince Harry after the pair had a photo together.

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Shaggy's daughter was upset that Prince Harry wasn't a Disney prince
Shaggy's daughter was upset that Prince Harry wasn't a Disney prince. Picture: Capital

According to Shaggy, in 2002, Prince Harry was visiting a local hospital in Jamaica, and as Shaggy had done a lot of charity work for said hospital, he was going to meet the Prince.

"[Sydney's] mother said 'Hey, Daddy's going to meet the Prince,' and she's like 'I want to meet the Prince," said Shaggy.

"So she took school off for the day, came with me, and I was like 'Yo, this is the Prince,' and she's, like, totally annoyed, and she's like 'He doesn't look like the Prince on Disney!"

Shaggy has also said that Prince Harry jokingly said that he'd never met anyone less impressed than Shaggy's daughter, Sydney, who is now 13.

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