Queues For The New iPad

16 March 2012, 07:29 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

People have been queuing through the night at Eldon Square and the Metro Centre to be the first to get their hands on the brand new iPad.

The new iPad has a higher resolution screen on it and a five megapixel camera.

The latest model also has "voice dictation" which allows people to dictate straight to their computer rather than type.

People started queuing at some Apple stores in the UK as early as five days ago!

Even though it has competition from cheaper rivals, the iPad is still the most popular tablet computer - with Apple selling more than 55 million iPads since its launch in 2010, including 40 million last year. 

The iPad 3 is expected to sell a record 65 million units within a year in the UK, with a basic 16GB model for £399, and the 64GB 4G version at £659.

Mike Docherty from Hartlepool travelled up to Eldon Square this morning by taxi and told Capital's Anna Harding about his morning


BELOW: The queue outside the Apple shop in Eldon Square

ipad queue

BELOW: People in the queue are handed allocation cards with their order on
ipad allocation