Hundreds Meet For Missing Timperley Lad

6 July 2012, 10:55 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Family and friends joined hundreds of people to hand out flyers across Manchester to try and find missing Timperley lad Chris Brahney.

It was an emotional night as the group met up in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester, to hand out flyers across the city.

22 year old Chris Brahney was last a week ago at the Stone Roses gig at Heaton Park.

His dad Stuart spoke to the crowd last night to thank all of them for coming and helping raise awareness of the disappearance.

He was fighting back tears as he told them all he was humbled by how many people turned out.

They all met in in the center, then split off to hand out leaflets with pictures on and a police contact number.

It’s thought Chris was last seen leaving the concert on Friday night with friends, but he went back to the venue to try and find his mobile phone.

There have been possible sightings of Chris later that night at the Park and Ride site in Bowlee.

He was seen getting off a bus and also spoke to a group of young women, telling them he had lost his phone and his friends.

Police say they have widened their search but have found no trace of him since hi vanished.

The meeting last night was organised by the Facebook group HELP FIND CHRIS BRAHNY, which as of this morning has nearly 90,000 members.

Earlier this week the Stone Roses made their own appeal. In a statement they said: “If you saw Christopher at the end of the evening please get in touch with Greater Manchester Police and spread the word to everyone who came to the show.

“Our thoughts are with Christopher’s family and we all want to see him back at home safe and sound.”