Ariana Grande & Harry Styles Really Love Their Fans In These Most Heartwarming Celeb Moments

20 May 2021, 16:54

Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are making a difference to fans' lives
Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are making a difference to fans' lives. Picture: Getty
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We can’t stop thinking about these celebs' most generous moments!

We love it when celebrities connect with their fans, but the likes of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and more take it to the next level!

Whether it's gifts, money or heartfelt advice to help their followers through a tough time – these celebs have a lasting impact on their audiences!

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Here are five heartwarming moments where celebrities went above and beyond to make a difference to their fans, including Harry, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

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Harry Styles always makes a special effort with fans
Harry Styles always makes a special effort with fans. Picture: Getty

The time Harry Styles fed a fan's fish

Harry Styles made a fan's day through a random stroke of luck! In October, the 'Watermelon Sugar' singer's car broke down outside a superfan's house - what are the odds!

Devastatingly, the Styler was not home when this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arose, however, Harry made sure to do something special for the fan when he popped by.

As Harry waited for roadside assistance he wrote the fan a sweet note for when she returned, stating that he hopes to meet her soon. The star also left behind a signed copy of his sophomore album, 'Fine Line'!

And if that wasn't enough, he even fed her goldfish too!

The chance event of Styles visiting a fan's home isn't his only grand gesture to make waves.

It's no secret that the star is a big supporter of the LGBTQI+ community, in 2018 he helped a fan come out to her mother during one of his live shows - now that is being an ally!

The appreciative fan took to Twitter to gush over the singer and praise how he makes his shows a safe space for the community.

Taylor Swift just being Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift never hesitates to help a fan in need
Taylor Swift never hesitates to help a fan in need. Picture: Taylor Swift/Instagram

Taylor Swift is one of the most charitable musicians in the industry, with a career spanning 15 years she's been showing her appreciation for fans since day one.

From singing 'Blank Space' at a fan's wedding, paying medical bills to making massive donations to important causes, Taylor really has done it all!

It's hard to point out just one kind gesture that the iconic singer-songwriter has extended to her audience, but a stand out is her ongoing 'Secret Sessions' series - a collection of acoustic shows she performs in her own house and invites superfans to watch and spend time with her. Can it get better than that?

Taylor has done an enormous amount of giving back, but she really stepped it up a notch during the pandemic by sending money to countless struggling fans, re-affirming her angel status.

Ariana Grande helps fans with their finances

Ariana Grande made a difference to struggling fans
Ariana Grande made a difference to struggling fans. Picture: Getty

The newly married Ariana Grande reached out to fans during the beginning of the pandemic to lend a helping hand.

In a time where we could only virtually connect, Ariana decided to send funds to fans she had interacted with on Twitter back in 2017.

Due to quarantine measures many were left without work or money to support themselves, the generous star sent thousand of dollars to grateful fans.

The 'Stuck With U' singer took a particular interest in retail and restaurant workers who could no longer work due to the virus, the timely donations were a lifeline to fans.

Nicki Minaj set up a fund to help student afford college fees
Nicki Minaj set up a fund to help student afford college fees. Picture: Getty

Nicki Minaj encouraging students to stay in school

Nicki Minaj has been helping students pay their university fees since she announced her intentions on Twitter.

Nicki has often been outspoken about the importance of staying in school, she eventually set up an ongoing college tuition fund called "Student of the Game".

The rapper, 38, initially gifted 37 students a donation but since then she has helped numerous young adults who are struggling to pay for their education.

Nicki continued the trend over on The Ellen Show in 2018, giving three young fans in the audience a cheque to pay for their tuition.

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Katy Perry puts on a show for a fan at home

Katy Perry went above and beyond when she visited an unwell fan at their home after she found out via a viral hashtag that they were no longer able to attend her concert.

The 8-year-old fan had been excited to finally see Perry live before she was informed she'd need brain surgery to remove a tumour. The young superfan was recovering at home when Katy visited to lift her spirits.

Katy posted a series of videos to her Instagram detailing her time at the fans home, she put on a rare acoustic performance in the girl's living room and spent time with the family ahead of her concert in Adelaide, Australia.

Katy said in the video: "I thought that since she couldn't come to show because of her situation, we'd bring the show to her"

Katy captioned the heartwarming post: "The Power Of The Internet"

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