Snow 2012: East Midlands

5 February 2012, 09:50 | Updated: 30 March 2016, 13:50

Most of the UK's waking up to snow this morning ,up to 16 cm fell in some areas causing some problems on our roads and airports.

An Amber Alert weather warning remains in place for the East Midlands from the Met Office and say it should stay that way for the rest of the day.

Police across the East Midlands say there has been some minor accidents on the roads overnight but nothing major. On Sunday morning though officers were dealing with a jacknifed lorry on the M1 northbound between junction 19 and 20.

Gritting teams were also out in force last night, treating all of the major routes but admit they can't get to a lot of minor and side roads.

Mike Sheldrake is the team manager in Leicestershire: " By and large we aim to get most roads treated on all major routes, then we look to local farmers to help us out with some of the smaller roads we can't reach"

You can follow all of the gritting teams for your area on Twitter: @LeicsCountyHall, @DerbyCC, @DerbyshireCC, @NottsCC, @MyNottingham.

For the first time Nottinghamshire County Council even had snow ploughs to use, saying they were better prepared for the winter weather than ever before.



  • Nottinghamshire: A woman fell through ice in to a lake at a nature reserve in Beeston - she was rescued in minutes and is now being treated for hypothermia.


  • East Midlands Airport say there were a few delays and diversions last night while they cleared the runway for snow.(
  • Birmingham was forced to shut completely last night - but is now open.
  • Luton Airports suspeneded flights overnight -but are now open.
  • Gatwick is open.
  • Heathrow open but a third of flights have been cancelled today.

The advice as always is just check with the your airline before you leave.