Zara Larsson Apologises To James Charles Following Boyfriend-DM Allegations

20 May 2019, 08:15

Zara Larsson apologised to James Charles following her posts on Twitter
Zara Larsson apologised to James Charles following her posts on Twitter. Picture: Getty

The 'Lush Life' pop star took to Twitter to apologise to YouTuber, James Charles, after he accused him of DMing her boyfriend, Brian Whitaker.

Zara Larsson has taken to Twitter to apologise James Charles, after his feud with Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star. The 'Ruin My Life' star previously accused the YouTuber of sending DMs to her boyfriend, Brian Whitaker.

Zara wrote to her 5.7 Instagram million followers via her Story "When I wrote my tweet saying you hit up my boyfriend, I never in a million years expected it to blow up the way it did.

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"I feel extra bad considering the fact that I later on corrected myself and took down my tweet after my boyfriend talked to me and showed me the dm," she continued.

During her lengthy statement, Zara stated that while she is okay with people flirting via social media, she did find it "disrespectful" that James messaged her boyfriend, Brian, while he was in a relationship.

On Sunday morning, Zara further explained on Twitter why she deleted her original post, saying "I always try my best to learn and apologize if I'm wrong. I'm sorry [James Charles] for getting involved before I actually knew the truth and for the anxiety you must have felt about everything."

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James' mentor, Tati Westbrook, took to YouTube to slam him for endorsing a competitor's brand during his visit to Coachella, in a video she titled 'BYE SISTER', however - recently - James Charles regained a lot of his followers by airing the proof behind his defence, against allegations that he was direct messaging straight men for relationships.