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Craig David & Yungen

WATCH: Craig David & Yungen Team Up On New Song 'Intimate'

Yungen sings on helium

WATCH: Yungen Singing ‘Bestie’ On Helium Actually Sounds Super Creepy

Yungen Summertime Ball 2018 Live

Yungen Had 80,000 'Besties' By The End Of His Summertime Ball Performance!

Yungen and Royal Wedding Asset

After This Royal Wedding Meme, Twitter Got Hella Thirsty For Yungen...

Yungen Scared of Snakes Asset

WATCH: Yungen Tries To Play It Cool When He's Faced With His Phobia... He Fails

Yungen with Roman Kemp

WATCH: You Don't Know Love Until You've Seen Yungen Cop Off With Michael Bublé's Christmas Album!

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