Will.i.am Mistaken For Wyclef Jean By Reporter During Live US Election Show - Video

9 November 2012, 11:01 | Updated: 9 November 2012, 11:17

The 'Great Times' rapper was referred to as both Wyclef and Wale before the reporter corrected himself.

Will.i.am was mistaken for two different rappers by a US reporter during a live news show covering this week's presidential elections.

Blake Burman was reporting love on Florida Fox affiliate WSVN-TV on Tuesday evening (6th November) as part of the US election when he tried to show some of the celebrity support for Democratic candidate Barack Obama by showing the camera that Fugees rapper Wyclef Jean was being interviewed nearby.

However the pop star in question was actually Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am being interviewed by a UK TV station, and Burman was prompted off camera to correct his mistake.

The reporter then misheard his prompt and corrected himself by saying that the person being interviewed was actually US rapper Wale, before eventuality realising his mistake and correcting himself a third and final time.

Burman was then teased by the studio team for his mistake while he admitted he was likely to get a lot of text messages and calls about the embarrassing mistake.

'This Is Love' rapper will.i.am has been a staunch supporter of Barack Obama, tweeting live from one of the presidential debates at the start of October, and has vowed to release a victory song following Obama's re-election this week.

Will.i.am is expected to return with new album '#willpower' in the coming month after delaying the release due to online leaks.

Check out the video of a US news reporter mistaking Will.i.am for Wyclef Jean below:

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