Will.i.am Tweets Live From Presidential Debate Between Barack Obama And Mitt Romney

4 October 2012, 10:42 | Updated: 4 October 2012, 10:55

The 'This Is Love' star shows his support to the current American leader as he attends event in Colorado.

Will.i.am has shown his support to US President Barack Obama after attending the first presidential debate in Colorado last night (3rd October).

The Black Eyed Peas man was tweeting live from the event and was quick to slam some of the arguments made from Republican candidate Mitt Romney calling him "arrogant".

He tweeted: "Support the person who aims to Educate not incarcerate...its a #clearchoice," adding: "That's not fair for romney...schools in Massachusetts where good before he was governor....he can't take credit for that... #Arrogant."

The first initial polls following the debate have claimed that Romney came off the better of the two, but Will was quick to point out that there's a long way to go before election day next month.

"Its not over...#go out and vote...vote for our future...education, balance, invest...," he tweeted.

You can view a picture of Will.i.am in Colorado at the debate below: (Picture: Will.i.am)

A spoof video of Obama singing Jay-Z's '99 Problems' also emerged online this week, in which the US leader's speeches are cut up to create lyrics slamming his opponent.

Meanwhile, Will has announced plans to launch a new reality TV show in which he seeks to find the future talent in the world of technology.