Will.i.am Reveals Love For Great Britain: "You Have Good Humour"

31 May 2012, 12:12 | Updated: 31 May 2012, 12:26

The 'This Is Love' rapper says he is fond of the UK and likes the British people.

Will.i.am has revealed that he loves Britain and is a big fan of the British sense of humour.

The 'Great Times' rapper has spent a lot of time in the UK over the past few months while serving as a vocal coach on BBC talent show The Voice, and says he enjoys being in the country.

"I love Britain," Will.i.am revealed to the Daily Star this week. "I love how excited you Brits get when there's a hint of sunshine. It's hilarious."

The 'Great Times' rapper added: "And you have good humour."

Will.i.am unveiled the music video for his brand new song 'This Is Love' last week, filmed in London near Tower Bridge, and says the track is decided to the UK for being one of the first countries to show support to his music.

Earlier today will.i.am admitted he is a big fan of the Queen, who he described as "super dope", and said she reminds him of his mother.

Will.i.am is set to release 'This Is Love' as the latest single from his new album '#willpower' on 26th June.