Usher Says New Single 'Scream' Is "Just In Time For Summer"

30 April 2012, 12:57 | Updated: 30 April 2012, 13:02

The 'OMG' star admits his latest release showcases a different side to his upcoming album.

Usher has revealed that his latest single 'Scream' is the perfect representation of a different side of his new album following comeback 'Climax' and is perfectly timed for the summer.

The R&B superstar told MTV News that his latest track takes the "next step" as he introduces fans to the sound of his upcoming new album 'Looking For Myself'.

He confessed: "Whereas the first song was a little bit more artistic and a little bit more soulful, and it has done everything, it probably exceeded my expectations, I mean, from the moment I was able to give it away. I was able to kind of be reintroduced in a way musically, and thank you to Diplo, but 'Scream' is really like the next step. It's just in time for summer and the type of experience that I want people to get out of the album."

Speaking of his upcoming seventh studio record he said it has "many different views" and "perspectives" and he was happy to showcase 'Scream' as a new side to the album after the success of 'Climax'.

He said: "And me and Max Martin, we've had success together in the past, and this was a record I felt represented the other side of the [album]."

Following the first play of the track on Capital last week, fans hailed the song as the "hit of the summer" and 'Looking For Myself' will be released on 12th June.

Usher will also be appearing at this year's Capital FM Summertime Ball alongside the likes of Justin Bieber, Coldplay and Katy Perry.