Usher Teases New Album 'Looking For Myself': "I'm All About Collaboration" - Audio

1 May 2012, 07:21

The 'Scream' singer has revealed his new album is "full" of collaborations.

Usher has promised fans his upcoming album 'Looking For Myself' will feature a string of big collaborations and says the album has a very different feel to any of his previous records.

The 'Climax' singer is already known to have collaboration with the likes of Justin Bieber and Rick Ross on his seventh studio record, but says there are more duets and producers he worked with that have yet to be revealed.

"I'm all about collaboration man," Usher revealed to "This album is full of it!

"You know I worked with Luke Steele of Empire of the Sun," the 'Without You' singer teased. 'I worked with many producers that I worked with in the past.

"But it is a bit of a different experience, even for those producers that I do had e kind of a connection and an understanding or a brand built with," he added.

Last week saw Usher give his next single 'Scream' its first play on Capital FM and the R&B star has also unveiled a new song called 'Lemme See', featuring Rick Ross, as a special free bonus for those who pre-order his album in May.

Usher is set to release his new single 'Scream' on 4th June followed by his brand new album 'Looking For Myself' on 11th June.

Listen to Usher teasing potential collaborations on his new album 'Looking For Myself' below:

Usher Tease Collaborations On New Album 'Looking For Myself'