Usher: "I Can Do 'Gangnam Style' Dance Better Than PSY" - Audio

17 October 2012, 09:01 | Updated: 17 October 2012, 09:06

The 'Scream' singer says he his friends with the K-Pop star and like to attempt the song's dance moves.

Usher has revealed that he his friends with PSY and boasted that he can do the 'Gangnam Style' better than the K-Pop sensation.

PSY's Vodafone Big Top 40 chart-topping hit has taken the world by storm in recent months, with fans of the song filming their own tributes to the track's accompanying dance moves.

In an interview with Capital FM, Usher said he had met PSY and that he believed the 'Gangnam Style' dance is just the latest to join the list of dance crazes, like the twist.

"I do the 'Gangnam Style' better than PSY himself," Usher told Capital.

"We've hung out a little bit man, we're friends. He's cool man. He took me to a Korean club in New York City.

"Oh my God, they really party hard. It was so cool to see what he's able to do in his world. With this dance craze it just introduces you to something different."

Usher at the 2012 BET Awards

Usher, who is currently promoting his new video game Dance Central 3, said he was a fan of modern dance crazes and stressed their importance.

He said: "I really love opportunities like this where you're able to teach people who don't really know the real value of movement and how these dance crazes have followed us and become part of our personality.

"If you go back to our parents, they had the twist and things like that. When we were kids we had we were break dancing, and now we have our new modern movements."

You can listen to Usher speaking to our Showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes below:

Usher on 'Gangnam Style' craze

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