Union J's NEW Music Video Is A Wrap... And It's Set To Be Their BEST Yet

16 September 2014, 10:00

Union J M&M's Launch

The 'Tonight' four-piece promise fans they won't be disappointed by the new video promo.

It's time to get excited #JCats… because your FAVOURITE boys have wrapped a brand new music video ready for you!

The Union J fellas were on set yesterday for their next video, the second single from their upcoming second studio album, and were tweeting their excitement to fans about the top-secret track. Consider us intrigued chaps!

"This next single is a big one for us," Josh Cuthbert promised. "I really, really hope we do you proud and we make this is a hit.

"This means everything to us. Goodnight," he added.

And from the sounds of it the NEW video could be Union J's best yet… according to Josh, George, JJ and Jaymi themselves!

Keep it Capital for full news on Union J's brand new single… the follow-up to their summer anthem 'Tonight (We Live Forever)'.

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