Troye Sivan Claps Back At Interviewer After Being Asked' Invasive' Question

30 August 2019, 13:24

Troye Sivan has clapped back.
Troye Sivan has clapped back. Picture: instagram

Troye Sivan's fans have blasted a journalist for asking him a personal question in the latest issue of LGBT+ New Zealand magazine Express.

Troye Sivan has taken to Twitter to express his anger at journalist Matt Fistonich after he was put on the spot during a recent interview.

Matt asked the Australian singer: “Top or bottom?” during the LGBT+ magazine’s interview.

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Troye responded saying: “Ooo… definitely passing!”

The interviewer didn’t stop there – he persisted to ask if things got 'steamy' when the singer met Shawn Mendes, and whether he thought Sivan’s boyfriend, Jacob Bixenman, would give him a 'hall pass' to sleep with the ‘Senorita’ singer.

Troye tweeted: “I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then i remembered how wildly invasive, strange and innapropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!

“Next time I’ll just do a Twitter Q&A.”

Fans defended Troye’s outrage on Twitter.

One fan said: “Love how the average age of your fans is between 13 and 21 yet this adult can’t be more respectable than us.”

Another tweeted: “Why do we ask better questions than actual interviewers?” Which another Troye fan responded to by saying: “Because we love Troye for who he is, and not because exploiting celebrities’ personal lives/stirring up unnecessary drama that will make us more money.”

Some of the artist’s followers were arguing that the same questions wouldn’t be asked if the interviewee was straight.

One follower said: “Idk why interviewers think it’s ok to ask queer artists about sex.

"Feel like you never see that in interviews with straight artists.”

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