Tinie Tempah Shares His Ultimate Festival Fashion Guide At South West Four

24 August 2019, 18:10 | Updated: 24 August 2019, 18:51

Tinie Tempah had some important festival fashion tips to share at South West Four festival.

Capital’s Marvin Humes spoke to Tinie Tempah ahead of his set at South West Four, and he grilled the star on the current festival fashion favourites.

Marvin quizzed Tinie on bucket hats, bum bags and sliders, and we discovered the ‘Pass Out’ singer is a huge fan of all three.

Bum bags are a summer staple which has divided revellers over the past few years, but Tinie is a firm fan with a designer version he couldn’t wait to show Marv.

Here’s what Tinie had to say on the controversial festival fashion trends…

Bum bags

Tinie told us he wasn’t a fan of this mini accessory at first, but eventually caved to the hype.

He told us: “Bum bags at first were a bit old school for me, when I was growing up I saw my dad wearing them a lot. But when the designer brands started coming out and they became a bit more premium - I became a bit of a sucker, I had to get one.”

Socks and sliders

Socks with sliders is another debatable sartorial issue, but surprisingly Tinie is a fan.

“Personally I’m more traditional - sliders with no socks, get your feet out, even if they're a bit crusty, that's what the sandals are for” he encouraged.

Tinie Tempah shared his festival fashion thoughts with Capital's Marvin Humes
Tinie Tempah shared his festival fashion thoughts with Capital's Marvin Humes. Picture: Capital

Bucket hats

Ever the style guru, Tinie assured us bucket bags are an acceptable festival addition; “I’m big on bucket hats.”

Carrier bags over trainers

No one wants to get their box-fresh creps covered in dirt, even Tinie Tempah.

While we might scoff at seeing artists make their way to the stage with carrier bags over their feet, Tinie insisted it’s a vital precaution to protect his trainers after spending years getting piggy backs from his security.

“I am actually with that, I used to get on the back of my security but I realised people can’t see me doing that too much, that's a bit crazy. With our weather, it's usually a bit bad, so I would say carrier bags are a necessary evil.”

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