Get Ready To Twist & Shout! The Vamps Unveil A New Cover Song And It Rocks

3 August 2014, 21:06

Bradley, James, Tristan and Connor send fans crazy with their own rendition of the 1960's classic.

Get ready to travel back in time, The Vamps have unveiled their very own version of 1960's chart classic 'Twist & Shout' and it's pretty frickin' awesome.

Bradley, James, Tristan and Connor have been teasing the cover for a while now but fans finally got to feast their eyes on the finished product as the boys revealed a live video on their Twitter page. 

'Twist & Shout' was originally written by The Isley Brothers before later becoming a huge hit for The Beatles, but now it's Vamp stamp verified and on hand to give the #Vampettes a taste of 60's flavour. 

The Vamps Twist & Shout

The Vamps are currently on a tour of the US promoting their Demi Lovato collaboration 'Somebody To You'.

The boys will return to the UK later this month ahead of their UK Tour in September. 

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