The Vamps Talk New Song 'Oh Cecilia' And How They ALWAYS Wanted It To Be A Single

8 September 2014, 13:34

The 'Somebody To You' band have tasked a VERY popular YouTube star to feature on the track.

The Vamps have opened up about their newly released video for 'Oh Cecilia' and say they "loved" getting to shoot out in Malaga, as well as saying they always wanted the song to be a single.

The group have teamed up with YouTube sensation Shawn Mendes for the re-worked version of the song, which features on 'Meet The Vamps', and say they knew fans wanted the track to be released.

"We shot it in Malaga and we'd never done a video abroad before and it's kind of like a desert island style thing and we're stranded on an island," The Vamps' James McVey told The Mail over the weekend. "We meet the natives and don't want to leave. They were quite long days but we loved it.

"The song has been the song on our setlist from day one so it's always been one of our favourites," he added. "When we play it live, the fans love it and so we wanted it to be a single."

The new single will be the boys' FIFTH from 'Meet The Vamps', after 'Can We Dance', 'Wild Heart', 'Last Night' and 'Somebody To You'. Can you believe it?

The Vamps release 'Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)' featuring Shawn Mendes on 12th October and you can pre-order it right here.

If you haven't heard it yet... give the original version of The Vamps 'Oh Cecilia' below: