WATCH: The Vamps Took On The Accent Challenge At Fusion Festival And Totally Bossed It!

3 September 2017, 22:52

Fusion Festival 2017

Seriously, is Brad Simpson a secret Scouser? We're not sure...

Everybody knows The Vamps are amazing musicians, but did you know they're also pretty darn good at accents too? Well, just wait 'til you see them singing their hits in Scouse, German and Cockney accents...

AAA Pass At The Ready? We're Taking You Backstage At Fusion Festival 2017!

Who knew Brad Simpson was a secret Scouser? And that Tristan Evans was ridiculously good at the German accent? However, it's safe to say their cockney twang was our favourite by far - we love Brad chipping in! 

Oh boys, this is why you're our faves. Fusion Festival 2017 just wouldn't be the same without them!

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