Reverse Twerking And More - 10 Reasons Why Brad Is The Craziest Member Of The Vamps

9 July 2014, 13:03 | Updated: 27 August 2014, 15:20

Brad Simpson The Vamps Vine

Bradley Simpson may look sweet and innocent, but he has a (not so) hidden twerking talent to rival Miley. Check out the top 10 reasons why Brad is the craziest member of The Vamps via Vines, InstaVids and more…

Brad Simpson, front man of The Vamps, may get most of the female population's hearts racing when he is looking rather fit on stage, but his off-stage self is even better. Goofy, hilarious and not adverse to getting his chest out (ladies of the world, get ready), these are out top 10 reasons why we think Brad is the craziest member of The Vamps - and we LOVE him for it! 

1. He's not scared to shake his booty in a too-small onesie

Not every guy could get away with wearing what appears to be a slightly too small, womens polka dot onesie, but with the front of it open in a deep V, it KINDA works. Oh and the booty shaking also helps… 

2. He makes AH-MAY-ZING facial expressions

It's kinda creepy, but we STILL fancy him despite seeing him make these kinds of faces. Super successful popstar and not afraid to be a bit silly? We LOVE. 

3. He's an expert baton (umbrella) twirler

Ok, so he's probably not going to get head-hunted to lead a marching band anytime soon, but bless him HE TRIED. Stick to being all fit on stage and leave the baton-twirling to use please bbz. 

4. He's still learning how to brush his teeth 

Brad… BRAD! The brush is meant to go on your teeth, not all round your mouth. All that touring has obviously tired him out so much he's forgotten how to do it. 

5. The boy has got SKILLZ… erm…

The ability to jump over your own leg is definitely an essential life skill. Top marks, Bradderz. 

6. He's got those accents down… 

What's better than normal Brad Simpson from The Vamps? A slightly Spanish (we think) Brad Simpson from The Vamps. Accent skills are probably not one to put on the CV, but we are finding it strangely enjoyable listening… 

7. He LOVES twerking - even upside down

Now THIS is impressive. Slightly random behaviour, but this upside down twerk even puts Miley to shame. 

8. He's the happiest little penguin ever

Well, this basically speaks for itself, but we could watch happy little Brad-guin prancing around in this amazing onesie on loop forever. 

9. He likes to introduce you to his snacks

Erm, we hope you're going to let us have a bite of that Jaffa Cake at least! 

10. He's not shy of doing topless exercises outdoors

Erm, boys, we have a back garden you can use in future? You know, if you're looking for a change of scenery for the naked Olympics… 

Hey Brad, we think you're awesome. No, no you don't have to lick the screen in happiness… Oh go on then! 

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