The Script hit out at Jarvis Cocker

The Script have hit out against Jarvis Cocker.

Singer Danny O'Donoghue told The Daily Record : 'I am not a big Pulp fan. Jarvis Cocky. I'm not into him at all.

'I don't like his style. I don't like his music. I won't be steering clear of him, but he should be steering clear of me.

'I have watched his career. I'd like to think Pulp are coming out with a new album or that he wants to really do a job in the music industry, but I am sure they will release a single, do a tour, make their money and go home.'

He continued: 'The audacity of Jarvis Cocker to think he is important enough for people to give a damn what he thinks.'

The Script and the reformed Pulp are set to play T In The Park festival in July.