The Script explain Jarvis Cocker comment

The Script have explained their Jarvis Cocker comments.

It was reported that singer Danny O'Donoghue had a go at the Pulp singer, calling him 'Jarvis Cocky'.

However, Contact Music reports him saying: 'There's nothing at all- I wasn't misquoted but it wasn't put in context.

'It sounds like I was having a lunge at Jarvis Cocker himself but it was completely justified. It's hard to believe that bands are getting together for the right reasons.

'So when I was asked 'What would you do if Jarvis jumped on your stage like he did with Michael Jackson?' I said 'if he did that, he'd get a guitar in the face'.

'That was it. It's like the biggest two nerds in school having a fight- are you kidding me?'