Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins Tour Set List: What Do The 'Sucker' Singers Perform?

30 January 2020, 11:11

Jonas Brothers perform 'Cool' and 'Burnin' Up' on their 2020 tour
Jonas Brothers perform 'Cool' and 'Burnin' Up' on their 2020 tour. Picture: Getty

After Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas kicked off their Happiness Begins Tour, you can now check out exactly what Jonas Brothers perform on stage.

Jonas Brothers kicked off their highly anticipated Happiness Begins Tour in Birmingham on Wednesday, 20 January 2020.

The Camp Rock stars performed for thousands of their fans, singing all of their hits - past and present - as well as a lot of solo work.

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Including the encore, Jonas Brothers performed a total of 21 songs, such as their latest single, 'WHAT A MAN GOTTA DO'.

Check out all of the songs Jonas Brothers perform during their Happiness Begins Tour...

  1. Intro / Rollercoaster

  2. S.O.S.

  3. Cool

  4. Only Human

  5. Strangers

  6. That's Just The Way We Roll

  7. Fly With Me


  9. Used To Be

  10. Hesitate

  11. Fan Request

  12. Jealous

  13. Cake by the Ocean

  14. Comeback

  15. When You Look Me In The Eyes

  16. I Believe

  17. Mandy's Megamix

  18. Lovebug

  19. Year 3000

  20. Burnin' Up

  21. Sucker

As can be seen from the setlist above, Jonas Brothers also perform a series of their solo work, with Nick Jonas singing 'Jealous', and Joe performing his DNCE hit 'Cake by the Ocean'.

According to the setlist, Jonas Brothers also take a fan request, following their rendition of 'Hesitate'.

Jonas Brothers performed at Birmingham on 29 January 2020
Jonas Brothers performed at Birmingham on 29 January 2020. Picture: Getty

The three brothers recently performed at this year's GRAMMYs, but it wasn't their vocals that caught the attention of their fans - it was Nick Jonas' teeth that stole the show.

On the GRAMMYs' iconic stage, as Jonas Brothers performed 'Five More Minutes', many noticed what seemed to be spinach in Nick's teeth.

In fact, it would seem that Nick's mentions were flooded with messages about the food in his teeth that he later took to Twitter to address it to this 14.6 million followers, saying "And at least you all know I eat my greens."

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