Stormzy’s Twitter And Instagram Accounts Deleted Hours After He Shows Off New Greggs Black Card

21 February 2020, 12:44

Stormzy’s Twitter and Instagram profiles mysteriously disappeared hours after he revealed he’d been given the first ever Greggs black card on social media.

Stormzy was the first person to receive a Greggs’ black card on Wednesday night, showing off the prestigious card on Instagram and Twitter before his accounts were deleted.

The Greggs 'concierge' card enables the owner to have unlimited, free pastries for life from the high street bakery.

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Sharing a video of the package the card arrived in, the rapper wrote: “I have peaked this is brilliant.”

Stormzy received the first ever Greggs black card after winning big at The BRITs
Stormzy received the first ever Greggs black card after winning big at The BRITs. Picture: Getty
Stormzy was gifted a Greggs black card
Stormzy was gifted a Greggs black card. Picture: Getty

However, hours later, Stormzy’s Instagram and Twitter profiles had been deleted.

There’s not yet any explanation over the star’s absence from social media, but the link to his Instagram handle now leads to a message reading: “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter his profile says: “This account doesn’t exist.”

Fans are baffled over Stormzy’s sudden disappearance from the internet, with some speculating he closed his accounts after backlash for receiving the Greggs card.

One concerned fan wrote: “So we are hearing that Stormzy no longer has his Instagram and Twitter accounts active... do we think he has deleted them or have they been taken down.”

Another person added: “Hey @stormzy where’s ur insta at and why is ur twitter frozen. Wtf goin on.”

Concerned the rapper has come off of social media after being criticised for his Greggs card, another tweeted: “Stormzy has deleted instagram and twitter due to peoples comments on a greggs black card?? I dunno how people are taking the p***, unlimited supplies of sausage rolls is a dream come tru [sic].”

It comes after Stormzy scooped the Male Solo Artist award at The BRITs on Tuesday night.

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