Fans Slam Sia & Demand Their Money Back After Her Recent Live Show Is Branded A ‘Joke’

1 December 2017, 12:26

Sia concert

Many people weren't impressed...

The shy singer known for hiding her face with a black and white bob wig took to the stage at the AAMI Stadium in Melbourne on Thursday night and failed to impress all of her audience.

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Taking to Twitter to air their frustrations, fans complained about Sia’s awkward positioning on stage which meant that not everyone could see her and slammed her for not talking with her audience. 

One angry fan wrote: “That concert really sucked! The most expensive ticket I ever bought for the cheapest show in town” while another person brutally compared the experience to “watching [Sia] on DVD with several thousand other people.”


However, some loyal fans were baffled as to why people were so shocked that Sia didn’t break dance on stage as that’s not her style.  

Quick to jump to the 'Free Me' singer’s defence, one fan tweeted: “People who go to #Sia concert expecting an Oprah style chat to the crowd = idiots. Flawless vocal, killer interpretation of vids, loved every second. People forget that music is for the ears, not the eyes. The concert is supposed to be you in the present moment enjoying Sia's music, because after all, that's why people support her, for her music!"

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