Pixie Lott: "Sexiness Comes From The Inside"

5 January 2012, 13:10 | Updated: 5 January 2012, 16:12

The 'All About Tonight' singer also admits she has never tried to alter her image to sell records.

Pixie Lott has revealed that she has never felt pressure to try and dress sexier in order to sell records.

The 'Boys And Girls' star confessed that she wouldn't alter her image unless she was completely comfortable with how she felt.

"I've never felt any pressure to change the way I look, or to dress more sexily to sell records. In fact, as you can see, I have the opposite problem," she told Cosmopolitan magazine.

She added: "Sexiness definitely comes from the inside, though – if you feel comfortable, you feel sexier and more confident. But if you're wearing something you're not sure about, you end up feeling self-conscious, and I think that shows."

The 'Cry Me Out' singer believes that she has grown up a lot since her rise to fame in 2009 but believes her attitude and character has not altered.

"I've definitely grown up a lot although I think my identity is still the same. I always had quite a strong sense of what I liked and didn’t like and I don't think that has changed," she admitted.

The singer also admitted that her mum would be thrilled if she was dating Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, Pixie's new single 'Kiss The Stars' is the third to be released off her second album 'Young Foolish Happy' and is scheduled for release on the 29th January.

Pixie Lott appears in the February issue of Cosmopolitan on sale now.

Pixie Lott Cosmopolitan

Pixie Lott Cosmopolitan