Pixie Lott's New Man Inspired Album

Pixie spills the beans on her man and her album.

Pixie Lott is back with new hair and a new album, and she reckons her boyfriend Oliver Cheshire is to thank for some of her new songs.

"My boyfriend naturally influenced a couple of the tracks," Pixie revealed.

"I think he likes it. (But) I haven’t played him all the songs I’ve written because I’d be too embarrassed."

Pixie's moved on from her traditional pop sound to a more chilled out vibe, with the new album featuring collaborations from soul aces Stevie Wonder and John Legend.

"I feel like I’ve matured a lot since the first album," Pixie told the Daily Star.

"There are still some party tracks in there but the rest of it is more soulful, which is what I grew up with."

 Her new album will be out in November and first single 'All About Tonight can be downloaded from 5th September.