Niall Horan Reveals The True Story Behind 'Nice To Meet Ya' Inspiration

8 October 2019, 11:49

Niall Horan reveals true story behind latest track 'Nice To Meet Ya'
Niall Horan reveals true story behind latest track 'Nice To Meet Ya'. Picture: YouTube/ Niall Horan

Niall has explained the story behind the inspiration for his latest track 'Nice To Meet Ya' and it's not so different to the music video.

Niall Horan has performed 'Nice To Meet Ya' for the first time at an event he held for fans in New York and also explained the real encounter that inspired the lyrics to the track, as well as the music video Lewis Capaldi jokingly labelled 'filthy'.

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Speaking to Billboard, Niall revealed the lyrics came to him after a real encounter on a night out, saying: "I was out one night and locked eyes with this girl. We got chatting, and she was with a group of her mates and I was with a group of my mates."

"It felt like every time I turned around -- like the lyric says -- she just kind of disappeared. But then over the course of the same night, in different bars around that same area, we would bump into each other."

At the event, he took time to sit down with fans for a Q&A, and one brave soul asked him about his recent evening out with Selena Gomez, and if it meant they had a musical collaboration in the making.

They were spotted out for dinner in LA with a group of friends, and Sel was one of the first people to promote his single on her Instagram page, and as we all know, she's one of the most followed people in the world.

He responded: "We have the same group of friends. We hang out all the time. It just happens that that one photo was posted. We’re good friends. There is no collaboration in the making."

We can't pretend we're a little disappointed as we reckon a duet between those two could give Shawn and Camila's 'Señorita' a run for their money, but considering how happy Niall looks being back on stage and performing for fans- we'll let it slide this once!

Having dropped the first track from his upcoming second album, fans are counting down the days until they get to listen to the full record, which Niall has teased to Billboard is a little rockier than Flicker, and touches on heartbreak in both the sad and happy songs.

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