Niall Horan's Heartbreak Weather Is Here- 3 Things You Missed In The Album

16 March 2020, 14:23

Niall Horan's Heartbreak Weather has some hidden messages
Niall Horan's Heartbreak Weather has some hidden messages. Picture: YouTube Niall Horan/ Official Album Artwork

Niall Horan's second album, Heartbreak Weather, has finally dropped and fans are ecstatic, here's some stuff you may not have known about the record.

Niall Horan's second album, 'Heartbreak Weather', is finally upon us- and aside from being another seriously catchy pop record that fans have been dying to get their hands on, there're some things you may have missed in between playing the whole thing on repeat.

From a storyline, to a very similar ending to another One Direction member's album, here's all the moments you missed.

Niall Horan & Harry Styles's Fans Spot A Massive Similarity In Their Second Albums

The album tells a story

Niall Horan tells a fan Heartbreak Weather tells a story
Niall Horan tells a fan Heartbreak Weather tells a story. Picture: Twitter @NiallOfficial

Listening from the beginning to the end of 'Heartbreak Weather' is to follow Niall on a journey through a failed relationship, and all of rollercoaster of emotions involved with it.

It is widely known Niall went through a break-up with 'Starving' singer, Hailee Steinfeld in late 2018, and Niall has put a lot of this emotion into his music.

The 26-year-old admits there are some sadder, tender songs, and says 'Put A Little Love On Me', 'Still' and 'San Francisco' will be the hardest for him to perform where as others, like 'Nice To Meet Ya' that are much more full of bravado.

It finishes with the same lyrics as Harry Styles

Posting to Twitter on the morning of the album's release- Niall's fans, eagle-eyed as ever, revealed the lyrics to Niall's final track off the album 'Still' which say 'Oh, we'll be alright, Oh we'll be alright'.

These happen to be the same lyrics in Harry's final title track, 'Fine Line' which also say, 'we'll be alright, we'll be alright" and 1D fans everywhere are freaking out the boys closed off their records with the same message!

The tracks were written in SO many different ways

Thanks to Niall always keeping in touch with his fans on Twitter, he's revealed the many different ways the album came together- from dreaming up lyrics and melodies, to writing songs in as little as 8 minutes, the Irish singer continues to prove what a natural songwriter he is.

He told one fan he 'wrote 'Still' in about 8 minutes' and responded to another asking about a song he wrote in a dream, "Arms of a stranger darling. Wrote the second verse and the pre chorus in a dream , woke up at 5 am and thought i should write that down or sing it in to voice notes."

Niall Horan wrote Arms Of A Stranger in a dream
Niall Horan wrote Arms Of A Stranger in a dream. Picture: Twitter/ @NiallOfficial

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