Maroon 5 Meeting A 10 Year Old Superfan With Downs Syndrome Is The Loveliest Thing Ever

5 March 2015, 14:23 | Updated: 5 March 2015, 15:23

Christopher - Adam Levine's #1 fan!


When their biggest fan, Christopher Warner, collapsed with excitement at meeting the band, Adam Levine and co joined him on the floor for selfies!

We love it when stars go above and beyond for their fans – and it’s no wonder that Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 were keen to meet their superfan, Christopher Warner, when they saw how dedicated he is to the band.

10-year-old Downs Syndrome sufferer Christopher’s teachers managed to set up a meeting with his idols by filming an adorable video showcasing how much of a superfan he really is.

Every day, Christopher completes his school work in order to achieve a reward – getting to listen to one of his favourite Maroon 5 songs – and he knows every word to sing along, too!

His teacher captioned the video, “I am a special education teacher and Christopher is one of my students. He is an amazing boy who is just like any 10-year-old with an interest in pop culture.” 

He loves listening to Maroon 5. For his informational writing project, he chose to make a poster about the band. Every day, he works to earn breaks to listen to his favorite Maroon 5 songs.”

“I told him we could make a movie so he could let Adam Levine know about his #1 fan. This was a collaborative effort from me, my co-worker Jay Hackett, and Christopher’s mother.”

Luckily for Christopher and his kindhearted teacher, the video worked and an American radio show set up the meeting with Adam and the band – but finally meeting his idols was a little overwhelming for him.

Christopher had a massive panic attack when he got there and collapsed – but the band all got down on the floor with him to calm him down and comfort him – and took some incredible adorable photos.

Is this just the most adorable celeb meeting ever? We think so!

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