Adam Levine Tattoo Guide: What Do The Maroon 5 Star's Designs Mean?

18 November 2015, 15:39 | Updated: 5 December 2018, 15:08

adam levine

From the tiger to the dove - we guide you through each of the Maroon 5 star's many tattoo designs.

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has a LOT of ink going on - the 'Sugar' star just LOVES to get tattoos all over, and let's face it he's definitely got the bod to show them off!

Check out our ULTIMATE guide to Adam's tattoo designs and what they mean...


1. The Mermaid

Adam's latest tattoo was revealed in November 2015 and is a HUGE design of a mermaid all across his back, definitely the star's biggest tattoo yet!


2. The Rosette

This beautiful design sits across the right of Adam Levine's chest and is one of his most eye-catching tattoos.


3. The Eagle

Across the front of his abdomen the Maroon 5 star has a HUGE eagle tattoo - to represent courage!


4. The Sanskrit

On his left pec Adam has a sanskrit word to represent his love of yoga.


5. The Shark

On the right side of his rib-cage Adam had a big tattoo of a shark, after managing to conquer his (totally rational) fear of the big fishes!


6. The Paw Print & 'Frankie'

On the upper right of his back Adam has a cheeky paw print tattoo and the name 'Frankie' - in honour of his golden retriever!


7. The Pin-Up Girl

On his left shoulder Adam's got a tattoo of a classic pin-up girl because, well, why not?


8. The '222'

On his left forearm Adam has the numbers '222' emblazoned over another design - in honour of the number of the recording studio Maroon 5 laid down their FIRST track.

Picture: Getty

9. The Love Heart & 'Mom'

Showing Adam always has been and always will be a mummy's boy - and proud of it too - Adam has the design of a love heard with 'Mom' written in it on his right forearm. Best son ever? 

Picture: Getty

10. The Dove & Blossoms

On his left arm Adam has an intricately designed tattoo featuring a dove over the top of cherry blossoms, well known to be Mr. Levine's tribute to the September 11th tragedy.

Picture: Getty


11. The Guitar

In tribute to his love of music - and maybe his long-running role on talent show The Voice - Adam has a large guitar design on his left forearm that TOTALLY suits the musician.

Picture: Getty

12. The Tiger

One of Adam's most beautiful designs is the sprawling tiger emblazoned down his right arm. RAAAAWWWR!

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13. The 'Los Angeles' 

On his right shoulder - in a RATHER lovely font - Adam has the words 'Los Angeles' - to represent the city that's his home!

14. The 'X'

The singer got a large Roman numeral 'X' on his left bicep to represent the number ten - and mark ten years of his band Maroon 5! Nawww! 

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