Louis Tomlinson’s Hidden ‘Two Of Us’ Video Clips Around The World – Here’s How You Can Listen

4 March 2019, 10:25

Louis Tomlinson has teased his new song in global hotspots around the world.
Louis Tomlinson has teased his new song in global hotspots around the world. Picture: Instagram

Louis Tomlinson is giving fans the chance to be the first to hear his new song and see snippets of the ‘Two Of Us’ video by hiding it in ‘global hotspots’ around the world.

Louis Tomlinson fans have been eagerly awaiting his new single ‘Two Of Us’ to drop, but you can listen to it right now – by finding one of his global hotspots.

Louis Tomlinson Spotted Filming New Music Video And Fans Are Losing It

Louis revealed to fans that they can track down one of his global hotspots to listen to the track and see a snippet of the music video too.

To find out where they are, fans have to follow the map in the link in Louis’ bio, and when they arrive at the location, the website will give them access to the video or the chance to take a selfie with his custom frame.

The hotspots work using your phone’s geolocation to see when you have reached the mystery location all over the world.

For UK fans, there are several locations around the country including central London (Picadilly Circus, FYI) as well as two in his hometown of Doncaster too.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of this track, particularly after lyrics were released which fans took to mean the track was about his late mother, Johannah Deakin.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the global #TwoOfUs hotspots, stat!

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