Louis Tomlinson Says He 'Won't Be Going Back' On BBC Breakfast After Awkward Interview About One Direction

3 February 2020, 11:18

Louis Tomlinson was grilled about his feud with Zayn Malik on BBC Breakfast
Louis Tomlinson was grilled about his feud with Zayn Malik on BBC Breakfast. Picture: BBC/Twitter

Louis Tomlinson insisted he won’t be returning to BBC Breakfast after an awkward interview on Monday morning.

Louis Tomlinson was left disappointed after appearing on BBC Breakfast on Monday, after he was asked by the show’s hosts, Dan Walker and Louise Minchin, about a possible One Direction reunion.

The presenters also grilled him about his rift with Zayn Malik as he tried to promote his debut album ‘Walls’, moments after questioning how he found songwriting following the deaths of his mum, Johannah Deakin, and sister, Felicite, in December 2016 and March 2019.

Louis Tomlinson Confirms One Direction Reunion 'Will Happen At Some Point'

Quizzed on when a 1D comeback looked most likely at the end of their chat, Louis said: “You’ve ticked them all off now, you’ve got; trauma, Zayn, and now we’re finally on this one – I like it.

One Direction went on a hiatus in 2016
One Direction went on a hiatus in 2016. Picture: Getty
Louis Tomlinson tweeted to say he 'won't be going back' on BBC Breakfast
Louis Tomlinson tweeted to say he 'won't be going back' on BBC Breakfast. Picture: Louis Tomlinson/Twitter

“I’ll give you the answer I give everyone else, I don’t know where, I don’t know when, I think we’d be stupid not to get back together, but we don’t know. I’ve only just released my first album – that’s what I’m here for.”

Earlier on in the interview Louis was asked about his fallout with ex bandmate Zayn – something the dad of one has previously spoken publicly about – and he told the hosts: “God, you’re proper going in here… People pick up on every little thing I say, but I’m not ready to have that conversation yet.”

After leaving the studios, the ‘Two of Us’ singer took to Twitter to say he won’t be returning to the show again.

He said: “Defo won’t be going on there again haha! Love to all my fans for always having my back.”

The pop star was then flooded with support from his fans, with one writing: “I’m so sorry they asked you those things.”

“It was so painful to watch,” another person replied, as one added: “Maybe it’s time to blacklist a certain topic.”

However, some fans insisted the questions Dan and Louise asked were what they wanted to know, with one person adding: “Dan and Louise were nothing but polite to you! They asked questions fans wanted to know!”

Louis followed up his tweet with: “Anyway f*** the negativity now. It’s been a siiiick week.”

The pop star’s first album, ‘Walls’ dropped on 31 January and he’ll be heading on tour later this year.

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