Is Louis Tomlinson Engaged? One Direction Star Denies Claims He Proposed To Girlfriend Eleanor Calder

8 January 2020, 16:19

Louis Tomlinson is NOT engaged.
Louis Tomlinson is NOT engaged. Picture: pa

Louis Tomlinson is not engaged to be married.

Louis Tomlinson has rubbished claims he is engaged to be married to his girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

The One Direction singer was linked to a news story on Blind Gossip (a site which reports on celebrities without revealing their identity).

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It read: “We have a VERY exciting update on the relationship status of this male singer with a huge fan base!

“When he belonged to a famous singing group, he had a girlfriend. 

“She was not a celebrity, but she was very loyal.

“Despite that, Singer and Loyal broke up.

“He wound up having a baby with someone else but eventually circled back to Loyal, and they started dating again.

“A few months ago, your friends at Blind Gossip told you that Singer was seriously thinking of proposing to Loyal.

“Well, guess what just happened? Singer was at a bachelor party in a foreign country very recently.

“HIS bachelor party!

“Singer and Loyal are engaged… and it looks like the wedding will be happening very soon!”

Sounds a lot like Louis, huh? However, his team have denied the claims.

Louis and Eleanor have been dating on/off since 2011.

In 2015 they announced they had split but they somehow made their way back to each other in 2017.

The couple are usually tight-lipped about their relationship, but Louis made it clear he’s head over heels for his girlfriend during an interview on Lorraine last year.

Opening up about his song ‘Back To You’, he said: “There are some personal things that I relate to and contribute to lyrics. Nice to have something not as directly as relatable to me.

“The relationship with Eleanor is coincidental. But the relationship in the song is intense. Maybe they're not right for each other. I wouldn’t describe Eleanor as that. She’s ace.”

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