Lizzo & The Aristocats' Mash-Up Of 'Truth Hurts' Is The Collaboration We Didn't Know We Needed & Even Ariana Grande Agrees

1 October 2019, 15:18

Lizzo & Aristocat mash up has gone viral
Lizzo & Aristocat mash up has gone viral. Picture: Instagram/Twitter

Lizzo’s fan made a mash up of ‘Truth Hurts’ and mixed it with Disney’s Aristocats, and fans are loving it.

Lizzo’sTruth Hurts’ was mixed with a clip from Disney’s Aristocats and it fits so perfectly that the 31-year-old singer reposted it herself.

Brendan Carey, who is a dedicated Lizzo fan, originally posted the mash up on his Instagram on 27th September, and it wasn’t long before the ‘Good As Hell’ hitmaker saw it and took it to her socials the following day.

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Brendan’s original video was captioned: “It me... ow. Meow That’s What I Call Mewsic @lizzobeeating.”

The 31-year-old shared the mash-up, writing: “OOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOD.”

Fans took to Twitter to comment underneath the hitmaker’s repost, with a thread that gave a cat-friendly twist to the ‘Truth Hurts’ lyrics.

One read: “I’m 100% that cat, even when I’m super furry, yeah I got tom problems but that’s the kitty in me, meow meow then I solve them that’s the bastet in me, you coulda had a bad kitten, non-committal, helped you with your career just a little!

“You’re supposed to hear ‘meooooow’ when you’re scratching my back, & that’s the souuund of me not scratching you back.”

Ariana Grande, amongst other stars, commented, expressing their appreciation for the post.

Ari had no words for the perfectly matched clip, posting, “!!!!!!” underneath.

Queer Eye’s, Jonathan Van Ness, also showed his love with a laughing and heart-eye emoji.

After her appearance in ‘Hustlers’, fans are now speculating that Lizzo could make a cameo in a remake for the 1970’s Disney original, after taking the song Scales & Arpeggios’ to another level.

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