Liam Payne Opens Up To Fans About What He's 'Been Through In Past Few Months'

19 October 2018, 11:33 | Updated: 19 October 2018, 11:53

Liam Payne has reached out to thank fans for being there for him 'whatever he's going through', referencing the last few months which saw him and ex-girlfriend Cheryl split up, saying he's never been closer to his family and son, Bear.

Liam Payne has opened up on Twitter about the last few months, thanking fans for being 'positive' and being there for him whatever he is going through, reminding us just why we love the 'Polaroid' singer so much.

Liam Payne And Cheryl Were Supposed To Duet On 'Polaroid' Before Split

In a heartfelt and positive message to fans, Liam spoke about how close he is to family and friends these past few months since him and Cheryl have parted ways, saying:

"Time to rise above the negativity I love positive people on Twitter. I’ve actually never felt closer to my family, friends and fans as I have the past few months 🙌🏼 with me whatever I’m going through ...I hope I do the same for you".

Fans flooded his comments praising the singer for bringing them together with their friendship groups, helping them through hard times, seeing so many supportive messages to the 25-year-old has got us all kinds of emotional.

Cheryl and Liam split earlier this year after releasing joint statements and share a one-year-old son, Bear together, someone Liam says he's never been closer to, which makes us super happy.

Liam is out here living his best life and spreading the positive vibes and Cheryl has been spotted out and about in London full of smiles as rumours of her new music arriving soon fly around, this is what we like to see, happy celebrities only!

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