WATCH: Liam Payne Meets With Salt Bae Whenever He Wants To Create New Music

4 September 2018, 08:15

Salt Bae. Well, who else would you expect to be the inspiration behind Liam Payne's 'Familiar'?

Liam Payne has dropped banger after banger - from 'First Time' to 'Strip That Down' - but you'll never guess who his inspiration is.

The One Direction band member swung by to chat to Roman Kemp and Vick Hope about his new music, including the conception of 'Familiar'.

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*immediately saves as wallpaper* 😍 #liampayne

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"We were at Salt Bae's restaurant; that's how this one came about", said Liam about the inspiration behind his collaboration with J Balvin.

He also spoke about how weird it was having a meal with him, considering he "doesn't say anything, and just wears glasses". After hearing that, we're inspired to write a song too.

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Not only can Liam sing, but it turns out he can act, too, after Roman Kemp challenged the 25-year-old singer to ring up a local farm and try to get the day off work... Even though he never has (nor never will) work on a farm.

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