Liam Payne And Piers Morgan Exchange Vicious War Of Words As They Clash Over Kylie Jenner's Self-Made Billionaire Status

6 March 2019, 17:19 | Updated: 6 March 2019, 17:28

Piers Morgan and Liam Payne exchanged a vicious war of words on Twitter
Piers Morgan and Liam Payne exchanged a vicious war of words on Twitter. Picture: Getty / Twitter

Liam Payne has become the latest celebrity to become embroiled in a Twitter spat with controversial journalist Piers Morgan, after he criticised Kylie Jenner’s self-made billionaire status.

Liam Payne hit back at Piers Morgan on Twitter, after the Good Morning Britain host mocked Kylie Jenner’s new self-made billionaire title.

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It all kicked off when Piers shared Forbes’ magazine cover of Kylie, savagely writing: “You’re not a ‘self-made’ billionaire @kyliejenner – you’re a vacuous, talentless dimwit profiting from your sister’s sex tape.”

Weighing in on the debate, One Direction star Liam clapped back: “I’m sorry but piers are you crazy your only here cuz you talk s**t about everyone and make controversial outbursts about people to get attention... [sic]

“At least @KylieJenner has her own business she built herself why not congratulate someone for once instead of knocking people.”

Piers then wrote back claiming Kylie “didn’t ‘build herself’”, adding: “She became rich and famous from her sister’s sex tape.” He also pointed out Liam had made a grammatical error in his response – awkward!

Refusing to back down, Liam responded: “Sorry could you say it louder from the back of the line of irrelevant people please.”

But Piers wasn’t finished with his mockery and quickly hit back: “Mate, no offence but I really wouldn't play the relevancy card right now.” Ouch!

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