Liam Payne Explains Why It's Fine For One Direction Not To Talk All The Time

23 September 2019, 16:36

Liam Payne spells out why the 1D boys don't talk every day
Liam Payne spells out why the 1D boys don't talk every day. Picture: PA/WIRED

Liam has spoken honestly about the fact he and the other One Direction boys don't speak every day, and honestly, that's ok!

Liam Payne's opened up about not speaking to the other One Direction boys every single day, explaining it in terms of former colleagues not talking every day when they don't work the same job anymore, and we think he did a great job of breaking it down!

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Whilst speaking to WIRED and answering the internet's most searched questions about Liam, he explained:

"I keep in touch with most of them, I think other people just want their space and also, we worked together for five years and some of us, we didn't have that much in common other than we had a job together."

"Now we don't have that job together any longer there's not really any real reason for us to talk...which is fine."

"It's not that I don't get along with anyone, but you're not going to be best friends with everyone, that's just not how life works."

He also touched on every fan's favourite question- when are 1D getting back together, to which Liam said: "We seem to get asked all the time if we're getting back together."

"The truth is, I think it's a matter of 'when' at the moment..everyone's super comfortable doing their own's great to watch everyone venture out and do their own thing.. it's more to do with where some other people's heads in the band are at the moment."

However, we know for a fact that he and Louis Tomlinson remain solid friends- with Liam revealing to Roman, Vick & Sonny on air that he relies on the 'Two Of Us' singer's friendship.

He said: "I speak to Louis more than i speak to anyone else and we've supported each other through the whole process."

"Whenever something would go wrong we would talk about it...we always phone each other up when there's something tipping in life."

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