Labrinth – ‘Jealous’

3 November 2014, 10:51

Labrinth is back with a soulful new ballad from his second studio album ‘Take Me To The Truth’.

Labrinth is finally back with a new album, and his latest video release is the gorgeously soulful ‘Jealous’.

The latest single to be lifted from his second studio album ‘Take Me To The Truth’ is a heartbreak ballad aimed at the parent who left Labrinth’s family when he was four years old.

Labrinth said of the song, “A lot of people have been through that experience. It's kind of written from the perspective of how my family felt at the time, but I wanted to write it so anyone could dig into the song and relate it to their own situation."

The promo for the song is a simple video that perfectly complements the emotion of the song, seeing Labrinth singing in a room in a mustard coloured jumper. 

The track was co-written with Josh Kear and Natalie Hemby on a writing trip to Nashville, and will be released on 23rd November. 

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