Ke$ha Excited For "Positivity" With Pitbull On Joint Tour Of North America

26 April 2013, 14:33

The 'Tik Tok' singer says she is looking forward to partying with the rapper this summer.

Ke$ha has promised "a lot of positivity" as well as partying on her upcoming joint tour with Pitbull.

The 'Die Young' singer says she has been close with the 'Get It Started' rapper for some time, and can't wait to hit the road on a joint tour across North America with him this summer.

"One day [we] were backstage, drinking tequila, kind of f*****g around and we're talking hypotheticals," Ke$ha told MTV News this week. "We should go on tour together, I'll sing a song in Spanish, how about that?

"And he said, 'Okay', and then like a month later it happened in real life," she explained, saying it will be "a lot of fun".

"I think the reason I decided to tour with Pitbull is because we've worked together, and the first time we met, we had a very cool thing happening, but I was like, 'Aw I'll never see him again'," the 'C'mon' singer explained. "And then I kept on seeing him!

"And the more we saw each other, the more we got along and I realised that actually, we're incredibly similar, he just likes to have a good time and he's a super positive person and I'm a really positive person who likes to get weird and wild."

View a picture of Ke$ha at the MTV Movie Awards 2013 this month below (Credit: Getty):

Last week the US star unveiled a remix of her new single 'Crazy Kids' featuring guest vocals from

Ke$ha and Pitbull's joint North America and Canada tour kicks off with a show on 23rd May in Boston.