Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted

If there's one artist who makes you want to grab your hairbrush and scream your lungs out, it's Kelly Clarkson.

Pop rock anthems like 'Since U Been Gone' and 'Behind These Hazel Eyes' established Kelly as a force to be reckoned with, sending her on her way to sixteen million album sales.

However, her entirely co-written third studio album, 'My December' saw her opt for a less commercial, harder rock sound, which confused fans and apparently made her fall out with her record label.

This time around though it's back to business as usual, as 'All I Ever Wanted' is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. With contributions from the likes of OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder, previous collaborators Max Martin and Dr. Luke, as well as current chart darling, Katy Perry, it's not exactly bursting with originality but frankly who cares when the hooks are this catchy.

'I Do Not Hook Up', one of the Perry-penned tracks, is a perfect example. With it's catchy 'oh... oh... I do not hook up... up...' chorus, the song isn't a million miles away from 'Since U Been Gone' and leaves you wondering exactly why the 'I Kissed A Girl' singer was prepared to give it up.

Similarly, 'Don't Let Me Stop You', written about a lover with a wandering eye recalls her hit, 'Behind These Hazel Eyes', while 'Cry' is this album's answer to 'Because Of You'.

That's not to say she doesn't venture into new territory. The exhilarating 'If I Can't Have You' adds an electro feel and computerised vocals to the mix, while the pop punk sound of 'Whyyawannabringmedown' puts a fresh spin on her successful formula.

It's not going to win any prizes for breaking musical boundaries but if it's anthemic pop anthems you're after, this more than hits the spot.


1. My Life Would Suck Without You 
2. I Do Not Hook Up 
3. Cry 
4. Don't Let Me Stop You 
5. All I Ever Wanted 
6. Already Gone 
7. If I Can't Have You 
8. Save You 
9. Whyyawannabringmedown 
10. Long Shot 
11. Impossible 
12. Ready 
13. I Want You 
14. If No One Will Listen
15. Tip Of My Tongue (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
16. The Day We Fell Apart (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

Out now on RCA Records

Track you must download:
If I Can't Have You


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