Katy Perry Delivers Her Sister's Baby Then Records Music... LIKE A BOSS.

Katy Perry Sister's Baby

If you ever needed proof that Katy Perry is the Queen of EVERYTHING... This is it.

Imagine your sister's pregnant. You'll probably send some flowers; you might write the odd card. Now imagine you're Katy Perry. You'd go as far as actually helping DELIVER the baby.

The 'Teenage Dream' singer's sister, Angela, had her baby recently, and Katy went from global megastar to... Midwife.

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After the star helped her sibling give birth, she then and went to the studio to record some new tunes. Being the don that she is, Perry even took to Twitter to say "Helped deliver my sister's baby at 2pm & am in the studio by 8pm. GET A GIRL THAT CAN DO BOTH"

If only this was the first time this has happened - back in early 2014, Katy helped deliver another one of her sister's baby's, before she told the world via Twitter "Finally you can add "helps delivers babies in living rooms" to my resume! It's been a miracle of a day... Auntie Katy aka Stylist Auntie"

Well, way to make our births seem lame and boring, Katy!

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