Jessie J - 'Ain't Been Done' (Live At The Summertime Ball 2014)

21 June 2014, 21:51

Jessie J added some rap flavour to her set with a new track from her upcoming album.

Jessie J rocked the Summertime Ball in her super tiny dress, but she proved she's more than your average singer with a crazy rap section in her new song. 

The crowd went insane for the new track from Jessie, 'Ain't Been Done' - a surprise song she added in to her set list at the last minute. Every inch the amazing live performer, Jessie had the crowd eating out of her hand - 80,000 people were captivated. 

If you want to relive every moment of Jessie and her unbelievably long legs in action, you had better check out the video above. 

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