Jessie J snubbed by Britney

Jessie J has revealed that she wrote a song for Britney Spears which was rejected.

The singer, who has written lyrics for Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown in the past, said she penned a song for Britney's forthcoming album 'Femme Fatale, but it failed to make the final cut.

'Just, to even have the opportunity to write a song for her is still incredible,' Jess told MTV.COM despite the rejection.

'As a songwriter, I'm still taking baby steps. You have to write 10 songs to get one good one and, realistically, I don't have time to write 10. It was a good song though.'

The singer added: 'She probably had every major songwriter in the world write a song for her. It was a really cool song, but it is what it is; it happens for a reason.

Jess said the track - 'Being Britney' - was her own personal take on the pop princess.

'One thing I love about Britney Spears is she is Britney Spears,' she added. 'No one can come and try and steal her path, her lane and that's what I love about her. That's what the song is about, 'I'm the s***.'