Jessie J New Album To Be Acoustic And Piano Based

22 February 2012, 13:55

The 'Price Tag' singer admits she wants to focus on melody as appose to the beat on her upcoming new record.

Jessie J has confessed that her new studio album could be acoustic based as she wants to give a new direction to her music.

The 'Who's Laughing Now' star told the Daily Star that she wants to focus on finding the melodies rather than relying on heavy production on the new songs.

She said: "One thing I'm doing is recording songs acoustically and building on from there. The last album was very production-based and beats heavy. It was more people coming to me with rhythms and me writing to them.

"This time I want to focus on where the melody goes rather than the beat. One song in particular I've written is very close to my heart. It's just me and the piano. It's an exciting process.

The singer is also conscious of anything leaking out before it's finished and revealed that no one gets to hear anything before her mum and dad.

Talking about the new songs, she added: "I haven't played them to anyone. I'm so paranoid the songs will get leaked or my computer hacked that nobody gets to hear them until they're ready – only mum and dad."

Last night (21st February), Jessie headed down to London's O2 Arena to attend the BRIT Awards 2012 where she was nominated for three awards and told Capital that she was "proud" of everyone nominated at the event.