Jessie J - "I would boo back"

Jessie J's revealed she would happily boo anyone who booed her as she tried to make it in music.

Jessie's been chatting with Tinchy Stryder, N Dubz Fazer & Jay Sean about US & UK No1's, multi-platinum albums, transatlantic business deals in a discussion entitled, Young, Gifted and Brit.

You can watch the full video where Jessie explains how she got the break,

"Open mics, singing everywhere, just go and get reactions and film it. I was supporting Chris Brown by myself, 10,000 people a night with just a CD, no management, no label, he booked me off youtube.

"I paid for myself to get flights around Europe and when I went on stage by myself they booed me as I walked on, and I booed them back. I said I’m only on here for 5 minutes, just respect that, you might even like it, give it a try. And they loved it.”