Jessie J: It's only a foot!

Jessie J admits there were tears after her performance from the golden throne.

Jessie J was left unable to stand after a slip in rehearsal but admits it lead to an incredible evening, "I just came into my dressing room and me and my family had a group cry. That was definitely the most amazing experience. I got a little bling with the throne but it was all about the voice.

"It was an honour to be here. My album came out 5 months ago  and I'm now before the headline at WS with75,000 people singing money, money, money. I remember going to Wembley Arena and being that person who waved at Whitney and they wave in your direction and they think it is you."

Jessie says there was no way she was ever going to let her fans down, "When it happened I genuinely thought I had broken my foot....and the first thing that I thought was I won't be able to perform tomorrow but sometimes you have to be an adult and you have to say I will support my fans as much as they support me."

However, Jessie may have to take a little rest now. She said, "It's pretty painful, it's a bad tear but at the end of the day it's a foot and I've hurt and it'll get better and the show must go on. Next time I'm at Wembley maybe I'll have both arms in a cast."