Jessie J 'exhausted' by fame

Jessie J has said that she is 'exhausted' by her new found fame.

She said: 'I've had to teach my body to sleep much less than it is used to. Doing a gig is like going to the gym.

'Then you have to do a photoshoot and go the studio. It's all very physical. Walking in high heels is exercise and that is part of my daily routine. My body is adjusting. It's like I'm in 'Celebrity Boot Camp.

'It's exhausting but it's something I'm getting used to. I think it's like having a baby. You can't really moan because every artist has gone through this.

'The first two years are the busiest and the hardest, the most emotional and exhausting of your career. Whenever I have a little moan, I tell myself to look sharp and get on with it.'