The Many Faces Of Jessie J... And What They REALLY Mean!

13 November 2014, 11:10 | Updated: 18 November 2014, 11:34

Jessie J pulling a funny face

We love Jessie and her MANY faces, so we're celebrating in the only way we know... with GIFs!

Jessie J has more faces than we have pictures of Harry Styles, so we thought it was best we provide you with a handy guide to help you work out what each of Jessie's faces REALLY mean....

What her face is saying: "HA HA HA, that is HILARIOUS."

What it actually means: "I don't understand the joke you just made but I'm gonna go ahead and pretend I did so neither of us are embarrassed". 

What her face is saying: "This photo-shoot is just delightful, I hope it never ends."

What it actually means: "Hurry the hell up, my jaw is aching from smiling."

What her face is saying: "OH. NO. YOU. DIDN'T." 

What it actually means: "This does not end well for you, my friend."

What her face is saying: "I have serious gossip, but I'm not allowed to say."

What it actually means: "I'm going to crack and tell you this person's secret in approximately 30 seconds."

What her face is saying: "I'm very upset and emotional." 

What it actually means: "My hair's been slicked back so tight I think my brain is about to explode."

What her face is saying: "I'm really sad and can't hold it in anymore."

What it actually means: "I haven't had a snack break in over 30 minutes, and this is by no means OK."

What her face is saying: "Prepare to feel my wrath."

What it actually means: "I'm going to unfollow you on Twitter."

What her face is saying: "This is the most boring thing that's ever happened."

What it actually means: "I can't wait to go home and binge watch 10 episodes of Scandal."

What her face is saying: "OOOH, well aren't YOU good looking."

What it actually means: "You look like a guy who has a dog that I can play with." 

What her face is saying: "Well, this is embarrassing." 

What it actually means: "I would really like to run away from this situation, but my heels are too high."

BONUS: Oh that Jessie, she literally can't stop pulling funny faces. Never stop, babes.   

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